If you are considering taking part in the Silver expedition you may have completed the full Bronze expedition. If not don't worry our training will give you all the information and skills you need.

The Silver expedition is 3 days and 2 nights, you will improve upon the skills you acquired during your Bronze expedition. Our experienced staff team will support you through your training so you can gain as much valuable experience as possible while developing further your expedition skills from Bronze.

There are 3 elements to our Silver Expedition Package:


This will take place over 2 days at one of our local training sites.  During the training the groups will become familiar with the 20 expedition conditions:

Participants will focus on improving skills acquired at Bronze level, plan their practice and final expedition routes, and further develop techniques needed to complete this section of their award. We want this to be an enjoyable experience and place great emphasis on participants working together as a team to achieve their chosen aims whilst having fun.  The training weekend also gives the participants the opportunity to meet and work with the staff team that will be supervising the expeditions.

Practice Expedition 3 days 2 nights

We use local areas and campsites that we know well, and that offer participants good facilities for their trip.  Participants can also try out their chosen aim and consider how they might deliver the final presentation.

Final Expedition 3 days 2 nights

The final expedition will take place in the beautiful Shropshire Hills, it will start and finish at Church Stretton train station. We believe that groups need to have greater independence at Silver than at Bronze, in this way we have found participants take greater ownership of their expedition and get a greater feeling of self-reliance.

What’s included in Stepping Outdoors silver package  

Full training, Supervision,  Camp fees, Maps and compasses, Group equipment, tents stoves, cooking fuel and rucksacks. Assessors report sent to your DofE Manager or emailed to you on successful completion for your final expedition

What’s not included by Stepping Outdoors Silver package

Food, personal equipment, waterproofs, sleeping bag and roll mat walking boots, transport to and from the expedition area.