There are 3 elements to our Bronze Expedition Package:


This will normally take place over 2 days at one of our local training sites. Participants will gain all the necessary skills for their forthcoming Bronze expeditions. They will plan their practice route and develop ideas for their final expedition aim. We place great emphasis on participants working together to achieve their aims and having fun. Training also gives participants the opportunity to meet and work with the staff team that will be supervising their expeditions. During their training groups will become familiar with the 20 expedition conditions.

Practice Expedition 2 days 1 night

The practice expedition allows participants to further develop the skills acquired during training. We use areas and campsites that we know well and that offer participants good facilities for their first trip. The practice expedition is a great way for participants to try out their chosen aim.

Final Expedition 2 days 1 night

This is a culmination of all of the above. Our final Bronze expeditions are based on and around the Cannock Chase area. This stunning location is the ideal area for Bronze final participants.


What’s included in Stepping Outdoors Bronze Package.

  • Full training
  • Insurance
  • Continuous supervision by qualified experienced staff.
  • Camp fees
  • Group equipment: tents, stoves and fuel, rucksacks, maps and compasses.
  • Assessors report sent to your edofe account on successful completion of your final expedition.

What’s not provided by Stepping Outdoors Bronze Package.

  • Food
  • Personal equipment Waterproofs, Boots, Sleeping bags, Roll mats
  • Transport to and from the expedition area.

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