Outdoor First Aid


ITC Outdoor First Aid
Our ITC courses are practical and active. We strongly believe candidates learn best through their practical involvement, i.e. it’s a hands on course.

This qualification has been accredited by Ofqual and ITC First as Level 3. This course requires 16 hours contact time (not including breaks) this is normally spread over two days.
This course is suitable for most Outdoor National Governing Bodies in the UK, this ideal for Forest School Practitioners and D of E Leaders. This qualification meets the requirements of the Institute for Outdoor Learning Outdoor First Aid Training Framework. The qualification will also satisfy the statutory HSE obligations of an employer who has identified the need for outdoor first aid in their first aid needs assessment.

The qualification consists of two units (leading to one qualification).
Unit 1: OEA – Outdoor Emergency Action (Y/507/7797) 

Unit 2: OIM – Outdoor Incident Management (D/507/7798) 

The course covers:
• Vital signs
• Airway management
• Breathing problems
• Circulation problems
• Treatment of injury such as head, spine, chest, abdomen, pelvis, leg and arm, including remote improvised techniques
• Recognition and treatment of hypothermia, hyperthermia, cold injuries, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, anaphylaxis, weils disease and lyme disease etc
• Incident management with a systematic approach.
• Casualty monitoring
• Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and drowning
• Child cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and drowning
• Awareness of current regulations
• Safe best practice

We have courses running regularly across the West Midlands. We are also able to deliver courses for Clubs, Businesses, Schools or other organizations on their own premises.

Participants should expect to be spending some time outside putting their first aid skill to use in an outdoor context.
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