DofE Kit List

Basic Kit List

This is a basic kit list from which you can then add to:

1. Rucksack this needs to be about 65 liters in size. This is going to carry all of your kit, it is essential that you take time to fit it correctly to you. Think back to your training. Don’t forget we supply these for you. There might be a rain cover on the one you use, this doesn’t make it waterproof you must make sure everything in your bag is waterproof!

2. Water proofs jacket (with hood) and trousers. Make sure these are waterproof. I don’t tend to use Soft Shell Jackets.

3. Walking boots
All your weight and the weight of your bag is transferred to you ankles and feet, look after your feet. Boots need to be correctly fitting so take time to choose a pair. They must be waterproof and offer good support to your ankles. They must be worn in before your expedition if you don’t you could be tormented by blisters, believe me they hurt.

4. Sleeping bag, get one that fits you, it needs a hood and should be at least 3 season, there should be a baffle running down the zip to stop the draft. It needs a compression bag or dry bag to go in, I use both.

5. Sleeping mat, this insulates you from the ground. Foam is fine, inflatable ones start to get more comfortable. I like some of the Vango sleeping mats or Thermarest mats. I really try to pack my sleeping mat inside my rucksack.

6. Walking socks, these offer protection from blisters. I like Bridgdale Cool Fusion they are tough and very comfy.

7. Base layer possibly long sleeved, there are so many different ones to chose from, but beware some smell after a days walking, while others can be worn for a whole Gold trip.

8. Thin fleece I like snug fitting ones as they allow me to get another fleece over the top.

9. Fleece top, again not too thick but this is my final layer, some come with hoods, I like hoods. Don’t forget cotton clothing stays wet and cold.

10. Walking trousers with zip off legs. I love Crag Hopper Kiwi’s they are tough, dry quickly and have a big pocket for food.

11. Hats & Gloves, if it’s hot a wide rimmed hat is essential. If its not hot a warm hat is essential. I sometimes sleep in my hat. If it’s not hot gloves are essential.

Basic kit list:
1 x Whistle
1 x Silver foil blanket or Survival bag
1 x Bottle sun cream factor 50
1 x Compass
1 x Stove
1 x Water bottle 1.5 liters

1 x Hat
1 x Sun glasses

1 x Spare base layer
1 x Spare outer fleece
1 x Spare trousers
1 x Spare underwear
1 x Spare pair socks

1 x Waterproof Jacket
1 x Waterproof Trousers

1 x Sleeping mat
1 x Sleeping bag

1 x Rucksack
1 x Spare food
1 x First Aid kit (see additional list)
1 x Travel towel
1 x Head torch
1 x Box of matches / lighter

1x Spoon
1 x Plastic cup
1 x Scourer
1 x Toothbrush & small amount of paste
1x Deodorant small
1 x Hand sanitizer small bottle
Some loo roll in a sealed plastic bag
6 x Large heavy duty rubble sacks to pack everything in.